25 Years

Release Date: 2007-06-01


Rendez-Vous En France
Happy Mystery Tour Live Concert
Red Or Green4:07
Personal Feelings4:10
Soft Brushing Speed3:58
A Dirge For Love4:31
Midnight Of My Life5:28
The Missing Piece5:00
Il Se Noie4:42
The Touch Of Any Flame4:24
Sharing Sensation4:33
La Fête Triste6:46
Waiting For3:53
Another Move4:12
Forsaken Mysteries5:48
No Search For Us5:04
The Last Song6:18
25 Years
Vintage Rarities (1978-1981)
Relationship (Live Intro – Unreleased)3:10
The Wayside (Unreleased)2:42
See The Devil In Me (Demo)4:24
Don’t You Hear? (Unreleased)4:02
Preface (Live Intro – Unreleased)6:00
We Have Not The Choice (Unreleased)4:52
Hot Roads (Unreleased)2:33
La Fête Triste (Demo)4:44
Darkness Settles (Unreleased)3:26
Is Anybody Home (Part 1) (Demo)2:32
Blue Twilight (Unreleased)3:42
There’s No Trouble There (Version)3:21
Constellation (Unreleased)3:02
Bonus Tracks – Live In Lille
Out Of The Signs (Live)1:06
Red Or Green (Live)4:34
Personal Feelings (Live)4:16
Soft Brushing Speed (Live)4:00
Midnight Of My Life (Live)5:26
Jakarta (Live)4:42
Breaking Down (Live)4:56