Chapter IV And Wait And Dance Remixed

Release Date: 1987-11-01


1The Last Song (Re-Recorded)4:36
2There’s No Trouble There (Remixed)4:42
3Memories (Re-Recorded)4:35
4Pleasure (Remixed)3:43
5The Cave And The Light (Remixed)2:18
6Night Fly (Remixed + New Edit)4:47
7Is Anybody Home (Part 2) (Remixed + New Edit)5:10
8Is Anybody Home (Part 3) (Remixed)2:52
9Your Dream (Remixed)4:10
10Waiting For (Remixed + New Vocals)3:35
11Crying Wolf (Remixed)3:59
12Relapse II (Remixed)3:19
13Shadow Of Time (Remixed)3:44
14Son Of Time (Remixed + Some New Instruments)3:21