Happy Mystery Club – Lady B Remixes

Release Date: 2006-07-01


1-01No Works Of Words: No Words Works Also Remix6:01
1-02The Sweet Running Over: In The Dark We Live Remix7:49
1-03Personnal Feelings: “What This Fucking Intro Means?” Techno Remix8:24
1-04The Touch Of Any Flame: Classic Club Remix8:19
1-05Red Or Green: We Make The Future Dub6:24
1-06No Search For Us: Us Remix Extended Vocal9:13
1-07Come In Paradise: “Just The Time To Believe In Me, Not Enough Time To Believe In God” D.A.T Remix7:43
1-08She Died For Love: Virgin Suicide Instrumental7:33
1-09Midnight Of My Life: Hard “Please Take The Dancefloor” House Remix9:17
1-10Forsaken Mysteries: It’s Not Over Full Mix7:05
2-01No Works Of Words: Words Works Radio Version4:38
2-02She Died For Love: Virgin Suicide Vocal Radio Edit3:54
2-03The Sweet Running Over: Close To A Radio Hit Vocal4:39
2-04Personnal Feelings: Techno Remix Edit4:32
2-05The Touch Of Any Flame: Classic Club Radio Edit4:55
2-06Come In Paradise: The DAT Radio “Format√©”3:57
2-07Midnight Of My Life: “Sooooo Today” Radio Re-Arrangement3:50
2-08Forsaken Mysteries: Close Your Eyes Radio Version3:46
2-09No Search For Us: Us Vocal4:07
2-10Midnight Of My Life: Club Extended9:01
2-11She Died For Love: Virgin Suicide Vocal Extended6:58