Plays The Pictures

Release Date: 1988-04-01


2My Year Is A Day1:47
3One Last Play3:31
4Right To Reply (1)2:36
5Moonlight (1)3:02
6At This Time Of Writing (2)1:32
7Jack In The Box1:23
8Bamboo (1)4:48
9W.S.W. (West-South-West)2:39
10Brewter’s Millions1:34
11At This Time Of Writing (3)1:27
12Dolphin Bay3:14
13Into The Light Heart2:08
14Right To Reply (2)2:35
15The Secret Beyond The Door2:04
16Easy Touch2:14
17Remember Me3:02
18Bamboo (2)1:30
19Friday Report1:43
21Cinema Hall1:45
22Take The Shock Away5:31
23Weird New York1:42