The Woman Is A Mix

Release Date: 2006-06-01


1-01Red Or Green (Mandragore Soul Mix)5:53
1-02The Sweet Running Over (A Sweet Midnight Mix)7:37
1-03The Touch Of Any Flame (Troubled Soul Mix)4:36
1-04No Works Of Words (Paris Hyatt Mix)5:32
1-05No Works Of Words (Wordslinger Mix)6:40
1-06No Search For Us (Lullaby Remix)3:53
1-07Come In Paradise (Paradies Remix)5:09
1-08The Sweet Running Over (Sweet Dub Mix)7:28
1-09Come In Paradise (Remix)3:39
1-10She Died For Love (Remix)5:05
2-01No Works Of Words (Invox Remix)6:05
2-02Red Or Green (1 Future Mix)4:29
2-03Personal Feelings (Dark Heart Remix)5:05
2-04The Touch Of Any Flame (Meltdown Mix)5:33
2-05The Sweet Running Over (Overflow Mix)6:15
2-06Come In Paradise (Rodent Remix)4:07
2-07No Works Of Words (Stop Mix)5:23
2-08Midnight Of My Life (Alka Lisme Pet Mix)4:35
2-09She Died For Love (Twin Peaks Remix)4:34